Sunday, June 3, 2012

Chest of Drawers Transformation with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

I took out this chest of drawers from my garage of countless projects waiting to be tackled. The blue and white color on this piece was too hard-edged and 70's for me. My goal was to soften the look of the piece so it would be more contemporary looking. I chose the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint decorative paint color Duck Egg for this soon to be beauty.

The first thing I needed to do was to remove the shelf paper that the drawers were lined with. Okay the paper was on there good, as in, hurricane-strength-proof. I needed to surgically remove paper with exacto knife in hand to catch the edges of the paper and then tear this stuff off little by little. This can be doubly frustrating when you are outside in 98 degree Texas humid weather. I then removed the wooden knobs from the drawers because I wanted to replace them with nice glass knobs to the give the piece an added touch.
I applied 2  coats of Annie Sloan paint to the entire piece. Drying time is fast with Annie Sloan paint so I was able to apply the clear wax after 1 1/2 hours. After clear waxing was done I then added touches of dark wax to the entire piece. I used the new medium size Annie Sloan brush that I just got. I used gentle light strokes to the surface to just give a hint of aging.

I like to wait at least 24 hrs. for waxes to thoroughly dry. In the meantime, I went out to buy the piece de resistance glass knobs. There is something about adding cool knobs to furniture that really puts your piece over the top. Unfortunately, the knobs did not work out as well as I thought. For some reason, the screws for the knobs were too long, therefore they fit very loosely. I was so disappointed that I wanted to cry. Besides, I had spent a small fortune on the knobs. Lucky for me that I have a wonderful brother-in-law that came to the rescue. He suggested that I add #8 flat size washers to the screws. Wow, what a difference...the knobs fit nice and tight after that.

I think she turned pretty good dressed in her glass knobs!!!

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